Digital Marketing

Fast Food Formula

History is written by the winners. Let’s arm you with the quill, parchment and remind your competition exactly where they belong.

The entire system doesn’t need to be stacked against the little guy. Here’s the workshop for brick-and-mortar businesses on how you can outcompete the Goliaths of your industry!

What you’ll learn:

  • What ad targeting settings to select so you can welcome new customers every week

  • How to avoid costly mistakes

  • How to gently remind customers to actually show up to your business

  • How to ensure positive ROI

  • How to maximize ROI in advertising

You’ll have access to strategies from the most basic, to the most advanced, on how you can jump into the opportunity responsible for attracting more customers than anything before in history.

You will be shown how to:

  • Copy to use for Ads, Copy for Follow-up Sequence, Cost Effective Creative

  • Look in the right nooks for customers with initial ad targeting and then scaling to increase ROAS

  • Remove the Uncertainty of Advertising

Also included is 2 Months Post-Workshop support for fine-tuning of your new cash generating system.

So immerse yourself in the hottest advertising platform and start milking this cash-cow while everyone is either asleep at the wheel, posting skits, cat photos, and memes. This workshop exposes the “tell all” on an evergreen market that owners and managers of local businesses from restaurants, bars, salons and more have all been waiting for.


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