Social Media

Would you like us to set up your ad for you 1-on-1?

Here's How It Works


We'll do all the confusing "technical stuff for you". Here’s what it means for you.

We’ll make sure your business page is set up right.

Then we’ll make sure your ads manager is set up right.

Then we’ll create your Facebook pixel and make sure that’s set up right so there are no missed opportunities falling out through the cracks.

YOU DO NOTHING during this part. (It’s like being forced to watch paint dry, and kind of awful unless you actually like tech stuff.)


We'll Craft An Ad That Attracts The People You Want

You’ll work with us one-on-one during this part. And by “work”, I mean “answer some questions so we make sure we’re doing a good job for you.”

First, we’ll find out exactly who you want.

Then we’ll find out what THEY want.

Then we’ll create an ad that makes them want it from YOU.

We do the copy, the image (or video), everything.



We’ll Build Everything FOR YOU in YOUR Facebook Account

We’ll share screens with you and set up your ad, do the targeting, everything.

When we’re done, it’ll be ready to go and you can take it from there.

Plus we’ll record the whole session for you so you can use it whenever you want to create a new campaign.


Typically replies within a day